Excel Homes

Building high quality modular homes for decades

Excel Homes has been building high-quality modular homes since 1984, with a focus on single-family residential housing and a growing presence in multi-family homes, vacation homes and commercial construction. Since then, we’ve built more than 29,000 homes using precision instruments, innovative technologies and skilled craftsmen. We constantly reassess our procedures and processes to continuously improve the quality, cost and delivery of our homes. At Excel Homes, we pride ourselves in consistently exceeding homeowner and builder expectations.

A leading modular home manufacturer on the East Coast

Excel Homes has grown to become one of the leading modular homes manufacturer on the East Coast and one of the largest custom modular manufacturer in the U.S. We currently offer hundreds of single-family and numerous multi-family home plans with thousands of customization options. Since our founding, we’ve transformed the industry by continually pushing the envelope with our custom home designs.

The future of Excel Homes – and the modular home industry as a whole – is bright. This outlook will only improve as more site-built homebuilders switch to modular options and more prospective homeowners learn of the quality and value of the modular building process.

There was a time when windows were built on-site. But the pursuit of performance and innovation led to factory-built windows of higher quality and greater energy efficiency. Home building is headed in the same direction. We see a future where all new homes will be built in a factory environment. The opportunity for growth is almost limitless, and Excel is leading the way.