Excel Standard Features


  • Double perimeter band under all exterior walls and mate wall
  • The corners of the perimeter bands are staggered (see figure FL1)
  • 1 row of 2×8 blocking at the midpoint of the floor joists / 2 rows of blocking for units 15’0” and wider
  • 2×2 ledger for the joists at the mate wall girder (joist hangers are an option)
  • 2×3 ledger in the first story ceilings for the second story floor support
  • ¾” Tongue & Groove Floor decking is glued and nailed
  • The floor sheathing is cut back 1 ½” at the mate wall openings (a greater width cut back of 23” is available if requested)
  • Center girder under mate wall is SPF#2 or better
  • Exterior perimeter bands are spf#2 or better
  • Floor joists are 2×10 (spf#2 or better) for all widths unless otherwise noted on the order
  • Double floor joists under tubs, water heaters and refrigerators
  • If floor insulation is installed, the bottom is covered with a plastic belly wrap
  • The floor of the 2nd story, will have 2-½” thick rigid foam insulation at the perimeter band
  • The 2nd story floors of two stories will have open joist floor trusses (as needed) to run the plumbing


  • Exterior walls are available in 2×4 (16” on center) OR 2×6 (16” or 24” on center)
  • Minimum wall insulation is R-13 or R-15 for 2×4 walls and R-19 or R-21 for 2×6 walls
  • Load bearing walls have double top plates (all others are single top plates)
  • 7/16” OSB on exterior walls
  • All walls will be screwed to the floors
  • 2×4 mate walls (spf#2 or better) at 16” on center
  • Nothing on the back side of the mate walls (OSB or Therma-ply) unless optioned
  • Foam gasket installed on the mate wall
  • Interior walls available at 16” or 24” on center
  • ½” gyp on all interior walls is glued and screwed
  • 8’0” wall height is standard (8’-6” and 9’-0” are options)
  • All interior walls that are perpendicular to an exterior wall are lagged (or Timber Locks) to a flat stud in the exterior wall
  • Full height pieces of sheathing used from floor perimeter to ceiling perimeter band or if sheathing has joints, blocking will be installed
  • Strip of wall sheathing is shipped loose to bridge the joint between the floor perimeter band to the sill plate
  • Weather protective barrier is installed for all houses that get vinyl siding installed in the factory
  • Attic gable end walls for capes are built to the same spec’s as the exterior walls of the house
  • Caulking used under the exterior walls to the floor system for draft stopping
  • Caulking used on top of exterior walls to the ceiling system for draft stopping
  • A pre-manufactured door pan is installed under all exterior doors
  • As much siding as possible will be installed on the long exterior walls.
  • There will no siding installed on the gable end walls or the dormers.


  • Pre-Manufactured non-storage truss and storage rafters at 16” or 24” on center
  • 1/2” OSB roof sheathing
  • 15# roof paper underlayment
  • 10” eaves and 1-1/2” gable end overhangs
  • 5/8” drywall on all ceilings
  • The drywall on the ceiling is foam-sealed to the joists and mechanically fastened where required by code
  • Minimum R-30 ceiling insulation (fiberglass batts or blown-in cellulose)
  • The first story of a 2-story has double 2×12 ceiling perimeters (spf#2 or better) with 2×6 ceiling joists at 16” on center (see figure R1)
  • Upper roof extensions are flipped back onto the top chord, pending shipping height restrictions. Also depends on the length of the panels (factory discretion)
  • Shingle as much of the roof as possible, including the upper extension flip. If it is a cape with dormers, there will be shingles installed (staggered) between the dormer openings
  • The eave overhangs are flipped up onto the top chord, pending shipping height restrictions
  • Flipped eaves have the soffit and fascia installed
  • Dormers for cape style roofs are available in 4 standard widths (3’9”, 4’9”, 6’0” and 8’0”)
  • Dormers roof pitch will match the house roof pitch, unless requested otherwise
  • The LVL beam for shed dormer roofs must be optioned on the order, otherwise must be supplied locally by others


  • PEX fresh water supply lines.
  • All plumbing fixtures have supply lines in the wall
  • Installed water heaters will have the supply lines in the floor
  • Vanity drain lines are thru in the wall (PVC)
  • Kitchen sink drain lines are in the wall (PVC)
  • Individual shut-offs at all sinks and water closets
  • Hot Water Baseboard heaters have their supply lines stubbed thru the floor for ranches, capes and first story of two stories. The second floor of a two story will have the water lines between heaters tied together.
  • Non-insulated flex ducts for the fans in the first story ceiling cavity. Insulated flex ducts in all other locations


  • 200 AMP full-size panel box
  • The following rooms will have a ceiling light as a standard option: Kitchen, Dining Room, Nook, Foyer, Hall, Stairwell and Master Bed Walk-In-Closet
  • All other Walk-In-Closets to have optional ceiling light
  • (1) Exterior light at entry doors
  • (2) Waterproof GFI’s – Front and Rear
  • Wireless door chime – (1) Chime Box and (2) Buttons
  • Toggle Switches
  • Fan Light Combo in Baths – Each house receives an Energy Star rated fixture with 24 hour timer / humidity control
  • Rooms that do not have a ceiling light will have a switched receptacle (Living Room, Family Room, Den, Study and Bedrooms)
  • A recessed can light is standard over the Kitchen sink unless framing above the sink prohibits a recessed light from being installed (flush mount fluorescent light will be installed)
  • Draft stop around all electrical boxes on the exterior walls
  • Junction boxes are used as cross over connections between modules. Molex connectors are an option.
  • Optional recess lights in closets will contain a lens


  • Vinyl Siding (Dbl 4”, Dbl 4.5” Dutch Lap and Dbl 5”)
  • Standard House Wrap installed for vinyl siding
  • 30 year Arch. Shingles
  • Ice and Water Shield at Eaves (3’)
  • Shingle started strip used at the eaves and gable ends
  • 10” Eave Overhangs
  • 1-1/2” Gable Overhangs
  • Vented Vinyl Soffit and Aluminum Fascia
  • Shingle Over Rolled Ridge Vent
  • Fiberglass insulated exterior doors (Front is 6 Panel and Rear is Half Light)
  • Andersen Silverline Double Hung – No Grids – Includes Stools and Screens


  • 25 oz. Carpet with 6lb pad
  • Vinyl Floor (No Underlayment) (standard in Kitchen, baths and Utility unless specified
    otherwise on the order)
  • 6 Panel Textured Hollow Core Doors
  • Door Stops
  • Interior walls are painted with a double coat of a white primer paint
  • Standard interior door size is 30” unless specified otherwise
  • Standard casing width is 2 ¼”.
  • Standard base trim is 3 ½” high.
    • Standard trim is Prefinished White Pine
  • Windows have a sill. The side casing sits on the sill and a separate piece of casing is
    installed below the sill
  • Pull down stairs installed (bottom step may need adjustment to match finished flooring)
  • 12” deep wire shelves are standard for the closets
  • There are 4 shelves in Pantry and Linen closets
  • 3 hinges on all interior doors
  • Privacy lockets on all bedroom and bathroom doors
  • Most flush mounted lights will be installed. Any hanging light fixture or exterior coach
    light will be shipped loose (no bulbs are provided)
  • Most optional dishwashers, microwaves, wall ovens and cook tops will be installed.
  • The optional ranges and refrigerators will be shipped loose
  • Merillat Classic Cabinetry
  • No Cabinet Pulls or Knobs by Factory
  • Laminate Self Edge Countertop with backsplash
  • 30” White Vented Range Hood
  • 8” Deep Stainless Steel Double Bowl Sink with Chrome Single Lever Faucet


  • 1.6 Gallon elongated water closet
  • Merillat Classic cabinetry
  • Cultured Marble vanity top with integral bowl and chrome single lever faucet
  • 60” one piece Tub/Shower Unit
  • Anti-scald valves in Tubs and Showers
  • Recessed medicine cabinet
  • Brushed Nickel Light Bar
  • Towel Bar and Toilet Paper Holder